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Welcome at Space-Sciences - specialized in fine & rare minerals, moldavites, tektites, METE0RlTES of historic falls in exquisite quality from Europe & some NON(!)-African places in different shapes from the source. Enhanced Authenticity guarantee!

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<B><U>Zincite gems directly fr. Authentic Source; </B></U>Serifos Green Quartz
Super Sale Special: Zincite points Lot of 50g: $22</B>
Super Sale Special: Zincite points Lot of 50g: $22
Reg.: US-$70.00
Sale: US-$29.90, 3/US-$95.00, 7/US-$200.00
<B><U>Moldavite Whlsl. fr. $9,99/gr up</B></U>
other Cosmic Impact GlasIron Meteorite Eisenmeteorit
SOLD Colombianite, Sortiment
Reg.: US-$135.00
Sale: US-$107.00
Zhamanshin Impact Glass fr.$2
Sacred Light Stone
US-$7.00, 7/US-$48.00, 12/US-$70.00
pyrope in eclogite & Cr-Diopsid
Reg.: US-$131.00
Sale: US-$39.00
Lunar Meteorite
Reg.: US-$42.00
Sale: US-$17.00
Elite-Shungite-A-grade w.hi luster
Reg.: US-$17.00
Sale: US-$3.80
BOLI stone
Reg.: US-$15.00
Sale: US-$7.00, 3/US-$18.00, 8/US-$39.00
pyrope in eclogite & Cr-Diopsid
Reg.: US-$131.00
Sale: US-$39.00
<U><B>Moon meteorite-Mondmeteorit</U></B>
Reg.: US-$33.00
Sale: US-$10.00, 12/US-$105.00
Authentic* prophet stone - Prophetenstein
Reg.: US-$90.00
Sale: US-$60.00
Smaragdit, historic fr. Salzburg
Reg.: US-$8.88
Sale: US-$5.00
Hanksite fr.$5
Reg.: US-$10.00
Sale: US-$5.00, 5/US-$20.00
stony meteorite-Asteroid-matterTranssylvanian Cathedral Quartz
Carbon.Chondrite, CV3  Allende<B>CI1 / C1  Ivuna</B>
Reg.: US-$28.00
Sale: US-$12.00, 3/US-$27.00, 15/US-$118.00
Reg.: US-$170.00
Sale: US-$50.00
Reg.: US-$39.00
Sale: US-$30.00
New! Will Stone
Reg.: US-$73.00
Sale: US-$28.00
Egyptian Concretions<BR>(some call it Z-stone)
 Tissint Martian Fall  from  $350/g
Reg.: US-$290.00
Sale: US-$98.00
Impact rocks
Prase - Seriphos Green Quartz X from $3.90/pce+
green gem fr.Greek island
Reg.: US-$14.00
Sale: US-$5.90, 3/US-$17.20
Cosmic Libyan Glass,superb,fr.0.59/g
Kosmisches Wuestenglas. Lib.Desert Glass
caused by a giant impact in history that caused extreme thermal pressure
Fine Gem quality Zincite Crystals $12 up
Reg.: US-$37.00
Sale: US-$10.00
Agni Manitite,Indonesia(Volcanic:<BR>neither tektite nor Cintanami stone!)
Reg.: US-$10.00
Sale: US-$4.60, 3/US-$11.00
Olivine - Peridote View a list:
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