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Impact rocks - Glass and shocked quartz and other rocks caused by cosmic events

Impact rocks

Muongnong typetektite
Reg.: US-$34.00
Sale: US-$5.50
Cosmic Libyan Glass,superb,fr.0.59/g
Kosmisches Wuestenglas. Lib.Desert Glass
caused by a giant impact in history that caused extreme thermal pressure
SOLD: Irghizite from $3.90 a piece
Reg.: US-$8.00
Sale: US-$3.90
SOLD Colombianite, Sortiment
Reg.: US-$135.00
Sale: US-$107.00
Zhamanshin Cosmic Impact Crater Glass
Reg.: US-$22.00
Sale: US-$16.00
Agni Manitite,Indonesia(Volcanic:<BR>neither tektite nor Cintanami stone!)
Reg.: US-$10.00
Sale: US-$4.60, 3/US-$11.00
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