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View list of Malachite Chrysocoll offers: Polished handpieces, Museum quality and Spheres

Connect to the memory and wisdom of the Earth with Malachite and Chrysokoll (Chrysocoll).

Reg.: US-$136.00
Sale: US-$69.00
Reg.: US-$120.00
Sale: US-$59.00
Reg.: US-$100.00
Sale: US-$58.00
Reg.: US-$68.00
Sale: US-$33.00
Reg.: US-$130.00
Sale: US-$69.00
Sold! - malachite-006
Reg.: US-$138.00
Sale: US-$69.00
Reg.: US-$138.00
Sale: US-$69.00
Reg.: US-$120.00
Sale: US-$68.00
Reg.: US-$130.00
Sale: US-$65.00
Reg.: US-$110.00
Sale: US-$58.00
Reg.: US-$98.00
Sale: US-$48.00
Reg.: US-$68.00
Sale: US-$39.00
Malachit Chrysokoll,  457g
Reg.: US-$98.00
Sale: US-$57.00
Malachit Chrysokoll, 962g
Reg.: US-$225.00
Sale: US-$130.00
Malachit Chrysokoll, 265g - sold
Reg.: US-$53.00
Sale: US-$36.00
Malachit Chrysokoll, 336g
Reg.: US-$84.00
Sale: US-$40.00
Malachit Chrysokoll, 889g
Reg.: US-$175.00
Sale: US-$98.00
Malachit Chrysokoll, 464g - sold
Reg.: US-$87.00
Sale: US-$50.00
Malachit Chrysokoll, 444g - SOLD!Malachit Chrysokoll, 1707gram
Reg.: US-$390.00
Sale: US-$335.00
Malachit Chrysokoll, 1021g
Reg.: US-$258.00
Sale: US-$109.00
Malachit Chrysokoll, 1706gram
Reg.: US-$255.00
Sale: US-$188.00
Malachit Chrysokoll, 420g
Reg.: US-$138.00
Sale: US-$83.00
Malachit Chrysokoll, 465g
Reg.: US-$165.00
Sale: US-$57.00
Malachit Chrysokoll, 359g
Reg.: US-$68.00
Sale: US-$42.00
SOLD! Malachit Chrysokoll, - SOLD!Malachit Chrysokoll, 253g
Reg.: US-$110.00
Sale: US-$44.00
Malachit Chrysokoll, 204g- SOLD!Malachit Chrysokoll, 294g
Reg.: US-$69.00
Sale: US-$35.00
Malachit Chrysokoll, 582g
Reg.: US-$155.00
Sale: US-$68.00
Malachit Chrysokoll,  204g
Reg.: US-$150.00
Sale: US-$49.00
Malachit Chrysokoll, 148g
Reg.: US-$140.00
Sale: US-$39.00
Malachit Chrysokoll, 135g
Reg.: US-$45.00
Sale: US-$19.00
Malachit Chrysokoll, 85g
Reg.: US-$35.00
Sale: US-$14.00
chrysocolla  01a
Reg.: US-$80.00
Sale: US-$40.00
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