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Wagnerite, a rare, historical X/XX cluster from Höllgraben, Pfarrwerfen, Salzburg, Austria which is the type Locality for Wagnerite. At this locality it was first found which is also known for their excellent blueish Lazulithe XX. Description: Large, complex museum quality cluster of intersecting numerous pink-to-yellow subhedral wagnerite crystals which are accompanied by a brownish Breunnerite matrix. These Wagnerite X/XX crystalised by moderate to high grade metamorphism. This cluster is appr. 4x4x2 inches (11x10x5cm) in diameter and contains countless crystals to about 1 inch/26mm in size. Above Masses and max. dimensions are an approximate for comparism purposes only. metaphysical properties are said: it opens body and mind to awareness when you place it on the top C0R0NA-Center of your head

Wagnerite museum type
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