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Pseudobrookite large crystal cluster from Pinzgau, Salzburg, Austria. historic museum quality. best and largest of its kind of Europe. Huge: biggest and best known on world 6x5x2 inches,250x100x50mm,fully covered w. countless crystals of 1 inch/26mm each in lustrous and fresh quality. Many XX are perfectly terminated and display surprising cosmic symmetrical X patterns!

Pseudobrookite large crystal, fr. $28+
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top quality tabular brookite crystals and XX groups in highest (metalic) luster, of fresh and perfect shape and colour, some parts are almost of clear transparence, X: appr.12-16mm in max.diameter in lustrous and fresh quality. Many XX are perfectly terminated and display surprising cosmic symmetrical X patterns!
Proposed metaphysical Properties: I agree 100% with Naisha Ahsian and Bob Simmons when they mention: „It has a special ability to connect to the consciousness of space and to beings that come from other regions of space or from other dimensions. It acts as a facililitator, allowing one to connect with E T and other inter-dimensional beings and to establish communication with other forms of life and and consciousnesses in the Universe. It greatly enhances the practice of meditation, and facilitates access to inner states of communion with Creation. It also activates the chakra column, or Kundalini channel, that rises up the spine. It is excellent for those wishing to bridge the gap between physical and spiritual realms. It enables one to access both the Nature spirits of the physical plane and the etheric guides of the spiritual realm. It is an important stone in the ascension process, due to its ability to ground high-frequency Light energy into the body and the physical plane. It is an ascension stone, helping one increase the vibratory frequency of the physical body. It allows one to conceive of realities not based upon human consciousness, and promotes broad-mindedness and tolerance of the viewpoints of others. It helps one feel present in one’s body as a spiritual being. It can aid one in feeling less desperate for change and growth, encouraging one to focus on the now instead of striving for someassist you within the higher realms."

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