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CI1 Ivuna Fresh Fall, most rare carbonaceous meteorite, Name giver of the rare group

<B>CI1 / C1  Ivuna</B>
CI1 / C1 Ivuna
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<B>CI1 / C1  Ivuna</B>
The CI1 meteorites are substantially different from other carbonaceous chondrites. They experienced highly aqueous alteration on their parent body. This scientifically surprising matter fell near Ivuna, in Tanzania on December 16, 1938 with a total of appr. 705 gms recovered shortly after the fall.

Cyanobacteria - alien life form?
you are buying 1 small specimen of appr.1x1mm of this extremely rare type of Carbonaceous Chondrite at very fair rate. rock comes with certificate of authenticity and source history. Sample image only - actual pieces depend on the size option you choose

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