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Scheelite - Molybdoscheelite

Luminescent blue Scheelite
Luminescent blue Scheelite Luminescent blue Scheelite (Ca(WO4) is a rare natural one location only gem found 1976

Mineralogy: Scheelite Ca(WO4) is a rare natural gem with a high refractive index (6,1g/cm3). Its light fracture index (1.913) is higher than that of diamond. Scheelite consists of almost 2/3 of the rather rare element Tungsten (from Tungstein meaning heavy rock as it has almost the same spec.weight as gold) which is one of the hardest metals of the universe (between 8 & 9 on the Mohs hardness scale ). In German Tungsten is better known as Wolfram (etymol. from the German „Wolf (=woolve)“ & Ra(h)m (the white essence of a woolves milk (in reference to the Scheelites colour in sunlight). The rare Wolfram element of the Scheelite has the highest melting (3422 °C) & boiling point out of all the elements, & a very high tensile strength. Such it is often utilized to create hardest possible alloys, such as high speed tools as well as to improve electrical conductivity.This worldwide unique gem type with a hardness of 5-51/2 is a high (pure) grade of luminescent blue scheelite. The highest grade of this litholkogy consists of up to almost 100% scheelite. This can be in a surprising way proven & demonstrated in the 254nm wave-length of light. It shows an extremely vivid Milky Way 3D Galaxy’s appearance im different mostly blue-white-and sometimes also yellowish colours! The fluorescence color of this blueish scheelites shows beautiful light & darker blue star flashes some sprinkled with yellowish dots. The impression resembles a hologram of the milky way. Many animals can see these intense colours with their original eyes. Humans need a UVC lamp to see vivid Milky Way Galaxy’s appearance in its full beauty – see sample image below:

Physical & Metaphysical properties: Scheelite has a massive aura cleansing effect. Many animals can see by their broader bandwidth of eye vision this frequency visually colourful unlike most humans with their very limited eye reception who can only see those incredible colour-lights with the use of 254 nm light lamps they. Blue Lumin.Scheelite opens & activates the Crown, Third Eye & Throat Chakras managing emotional & psychic openness while at the same time stabilizing the highly necessary connection with the planet. This makes it useful for 5D astral travel & shamanic journeys. Scheelite connects you with the 5th dimension & reintigrates you in the body transcending time & space of the 3d grid. It enables you to see & feel other realms & entities. The finder of this stone has seen these entities over & over again while he was sleeping when he fell asleep after mining these stones. Scheelite possesses the ability to open our minds to new perspectives & allows us to see the bigger picture in any situation. Scheelite stimulates also the Sacral (Navel) Chakra. The Austrian Physician and psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich who was the discoverer of the (blue) Orgon energy said:"the blue dot energy helps to regenerate (regenesis) diseased cells so that the body and mind can begin to move and recover." The blue dot energy can awaken your cellular energy in the physical body & consciousness that brings blocked energy back into motion.
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