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Rock from Mercury?
Dho 007. A meteorite probably from Mercury? There is a small but reasonable possibility that this meteorite might indeed have originated Planet Mercury: It contains highly silicic composition, lots of reduced iron; crystalization patterns also might suggest an origin from a bigger planetary body. This material apparently came from the mantle or crust region of a bigger parent body in space. That body must have been heavily molten and magmatically differentiated. The material went through an extensive reduction process and such most of its metal was separated from the feldspar and pyroxenes to the clearly visible evenely distributed free metal inclusions (obviously not caused by shock). Top scientists and eucrite specialists Yamaguchi (et al) from Japan proved that the metallic phases of this meteorite experienced very slow cooling. This thermal history indicator may refer to the origin of a bigger parent body.

metaphysical properties/Metaphysische Eigenschaften:
This rare material displays in many sections surprising texture (whiteish with some soft colours and fine but explicit black shock lines that look like archetypical writings on the bright background matrix).
Personal transformation from the I identification (view) to the development of the Christ/Godself actity. Envisions you your own passion of Christ pathway. Channel Paul Ra. says: This is fabulous, the space rock emanates love of christ crucified, resonates with the 2nd chacra. The suffering of the passion demonstrates the Love of Christ. Deutsch: Der Stein schafft Klarheit fuer Deine persoenliche Bestimmung der Transformation von der begrenzenden Ich Identifikation hin zur Gott/Christus in mir Aktivitaet. Der Stein nimmt Bezug zur Leidensgeschichte/Glogotha-/Kreuzweg Christi. Zeigt Dir die Notwendigkeit Deines eigenen Golgathawegs (Leidensgeschichte Jesu Christi) Paul Ra. sagt: "Fabelhaft, die Liebe, die dieser ausserirdische Stein ausstrahlt ist jene des gekreuzigten Christus. Das Leiden der Passion zeigt die Liebe Christi. Der meteorit resoniert mit dem 2. Chakra Repentance of addictions, weaknesses and other misbehaviour. Reue von Suechten, Schwaechen, Zwaengen und anderem Fehlverhalten.

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