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Martian meteorite 0.07gram

Martian meteorite 0.07gram
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Martian meteorite 0.07gram
Martian, meteorite - Shergottite, Authentic gemlike material from the red planet, probably from the Mons Olymp area on Mars, DaG 735, was the first Martian rock found in the Saharan desert - "the lucky 13". comes in bug box and certificate. There are only appr. 35 meteorites known by chemical analysis to be pieces of the Red Planet Mars, which have been launched from the surface Mars by an asteroid impact. These specimens are such now the rarest gems on Earth. The rocks then orbited the sun and hit the Earth as meteorites. The SNC's (Shergottite, Nakhlite, Chassignite) have always been the most desired meteorites for collectors and are also some of the most valuable. You are buying here a piece of the "Dar al Gani 735" mars meteorite, which is the first ( found already 1997) and such the first and "original" Mars meteorite found in the Sahara! It is the most oriented of all known Mars Basalts found in the Sahara. It also is very fresh in appearance. Total mass was 588 g, Classification by: Frank Wlotzka, MPI and Matthias Kurz. Classification information: Porphyritic basalt with mm-sized olivines (normally zoned from Fa 28 to fa 37) in a finer grained matrix of pigeonites. The Mars Rover Spirit found in 2004 on one of its exploration raids on the Red Planets surface in several rocks (called Mazatzal, Humphrey and Adirondack) material composed of olivine, pigeonite and plagioclase in a way that looks virtually identical to DaG 735. You are buying on a representative part slice or segment. (image above and/or below is just a sample image - Actual sample you receive will look different. If you like a photo first kindly email to us)!


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