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Martian meteorite, Marsmeteorit - Shergottite, Authentic gemlike material from the red planet. This Mars meteorite originated probably from the Mons Olymp area on Mars.

<B><U>Mars meteorite fr.$17</B></U>
Mars meteorite fr.$17
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DaG 735, was the first Martian rock found in the Saharan desert - "the lucky 13". you are buying a highly decorative slice or segment of an authentic Mars rock with beautiful texture in the size depending of your order. It comes in a bug box with lupe (original size of meteorite appr.3x3mm): - Mars rock comes with certificate (image above and/or below is just a sample image - Actual sample you receive will look moderately different but is appr. of same quality. Limited supply The size of the material you get of course depends on the weight option you choose

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