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New! faceted moldavites - Authentic green gem that fell to the earth in Bohemia 12,000.000 years ago

Sale of authentic faceted moldavites!
Sale of authentic faceted moldavites!
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Sale of authentic faceted moldavites!
Authenticity of each individual stone offered and sold is 100% guaranteed as each stone was analyzed and confirmed authentic by me myself with my state of the art laboratory equipment. ErichH.H.
Caveat emptor: Many moldavite offers at online auctions and trade shows are (poor) fakes.
(image above is just a sample image - Actual sample you receive will look moderately different but is appr.of same quality.
These faceted stones are of good qulaity, colour and pretty clear. Most show however minor vesicles and shock impact inclusions that is proof for their extraterastrial history and their authenticity. .If you like a photo first kindly email to us)! The stones were cut in China.

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If you can't find the type or the size,color, or shape etc. you wish kindly Email: Erich